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Inter School Competitions


No result will be accepted after 6pm on the limit date, unless an extension has previously been agreed, when the limit for results will be 6pm on that date. Note: THIS ONLY APPLIES TO SCHOOLS AND NOT ASSOCIATIONS

The winning team must telephone the result, straight after the match, to Steve Lloyd on 07572868454.

Please remember that it is the responsibility of both teams to ensure that a fixture is played. If you are having difficulty, please contact me in the week before the week of the limit date to be sure that the matter can be resolved satisfactorily in time.There is no excuse for not making early contact with your opponent and identifying problems at an early stage. County Cup matches take priority over all but national competitions.

Please note: The date against each round of the competition is the limit date for that round, it is best to get your games played well before that date. Immediately after the limit date, the website will be updated to show the games for the next round, if neither team has telephoned to claim their place in the next round, both teams will be eliminated, irrespective of the game being played or not played.

Extensions will only be given in exceptional circumstances and if there are difficulties making a fixture, it is recommended that communication is made by email and the WCSFA Competition Secretary is copied into that email so that action can be taken.

Please remember that there is only one way to claim your place in the next round and that is by telephone on the number at the top of this page; straight after the game means that evening or if that is not possible, very first thing next morning. This issue has been discussed in Council for the last two seasons and it has again been decided that the telephone is the method to which most people have the easiest access; emailed results will not be accepted.

It is strongly recommended that all team players and members of staff are made aware of the website and, in checking the progress of their teams, they will see that results have been received and recorded. This will provide interest in soccer both locally and nationally and will act as a safety net to prevent situations where schools have failed to follow the correct procedures and their teams have suffered.

There are more competitions this year, but the same number of entries; as a result, limit dates vary between competitions and particularly at Semi Final and Final stages. Please make yourself aware of these discrepancies as the fixtures this season have a page to an age group, making comparison more difficult than previously. It is of particular note that some finals are scheduled for the end of March; in this instance semi finalists who would potentially host finals need to make exploratory approaches to identify venues for finals and confirm them during the Easter break. As suitable venues can be difficult to obtain, it is hoped that by spreading the range of Cup Final dates, they will be easier to arrange.

End of Season Date for All Competitions is 16th May 2015, no results will be accepted after that time