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The Rules apply to BOTH Inter Association and Inter School competitions (unless stated otherwise).

1(a) Players shall be the specified age at midnight on 31st August 1st September at the start of the season.

(b)  In both U12 competitions, players can only be selected from that school year. In the case of all other competitions, players can be selected only from that school year and the year below; e.g. an U14 team can select players from years 9 and 8.

(c) U9, U10 & U11 = 7-a-side; U12 = 9-a-side; U13, U14, U15, U16, U17, U18 = 11-a-side

2. The duration of matches shall be:

(a) U.12: 60 mins (30 mins e.w.).
(b) U.13, 14: 70 mins (35 mins e.w.).
(c) U.15, 16, 18: 80 mins (40 mins e.w.).
(d) U.16 Girls': 70 mins (35 mins e.w.)
(e) The duration of each match may be reduced by 10 minutes (5 mins e.w.) by agreement of the two competing teams prior to the start of play.
(f) Extra time will be 7.5 minutes each way at U.12 and U.13 and 10 minutes each way at U.14, 15, 16 and 18.

3. (a) In knock-out competitions, matches shall be played to a finish in the first game, including extra time and penalties where necessary, in all rounds up to and including the quarter­finals. Semi-final matches may also be completed in the first game, but may go to a replay if it is a draw after extra time as long as the replay is WITHIN FIVE SCHOOL DAYS of the limit date. If this cannot be arranged, the match must be finished in the first instance. The decision on this to be made BEFORE the first game begins.

(b) If the scores are level after extra time, a replay shall be played, except in the case of a final which will be decided by the taking of penalties as per FIFA Rules. Replays must be played within 5 school days of the limit date.

(c) In County Cup Finals which form part of a National ESFA Competition, in the event of the scores being level after extra time, a replay shall be held if both schools AND THE COUNTY SECRETARY agree prior to the start of the final. If no such agreement is reached, the winner shall be decided by a penalty competition in accordance with FIFA Rules, after extra time.

(d) If a replay ends in a draw after extra time, the tie shall be decided by a penalty competition as per. FIFA Rules.

(e) Teams in County Finals must wear numbered shirts.

(f) A size 4 ball shall be used for U.12 and U.13 matches and a size 5 ball shall be used for U.14,15,16 and 18 matches.

(g) County finals in inter-school competitions should normally be played within Warwickshire and within the Local Association area of the home team; permission must be obtained to play out of area.

(h) At any point, in open play, when a team reaches a lead of 8 goals, the game will terminate and be awarded to the team who are leading; the score being recorded as at the termination of play’. This "Mercy Rule" as adopted by a number of other youth football organisations, both school and club, is designed to prevent demoralisation of players by overwhelming scores.

4. (a) All matches shall be played by the limit date and the end of season date.

(b) All requests for extensions beyond the limit date must be addressed to the COMPETITIONS SECRETARY for that competition. Extensions requested during the week of the limit date will only be granted in exceptional circumstaces.

(c) The limit date for finals and the end of season date will be set by the previous year's AGM. The outcome of unplayed finals will be decided by the Committee.

5. The HOME side shall ensure that:
(a) They agree date and venue of fixture (and team colours) with opponents. The home side shall be the first drawn in all matches, including finals.

(b) NOTE: This only applies to School competitions, NOT Associations.
For Association matches BOTH ASSOCIATIONS should telephone the COMPETITIONS' SECRETARY of that competition with the result of the match within THREE days of the game being played.

(c) Responsibility for getting the match played shall rest equally with both teams.

(d) In Cup Finals the HOME TEAM shall inform the appropriate Competitions' Secretary and the Referees' Secretary of the match arrangements, giving a MINIMUM OF SEVEN DAY'S NOTICE, and will confirm with the Competitions' Secretary the conditions pertaining to the match.

6. In all 11-a-side matches teams are permitted to use repeated substitutes from 5 players.

7. (a) Each team shall pay its own expenses.

(b) The home team shall pay all other match expenses. Referees MUST be offered expenses. Failure to do this may result in WCSFA re-imbursing the referee and then claiming back the cost from the school/Association concerned, plus administration costs.

8. Failure to comply with rules 4 and 5 may result in the awarding of the match to the opposition.

9. In league competitions, THREE points are awarded for a win and one for a draw. In the event of a tie on points, goal difference shall apply, then the team having scored more goals, then the result of the game between the two teams. If all these are equal, the trophy will be shared.

10. When schools are sent Disciplinary Report Forms to have filled in, no charge will be made unless thay are not returned to the Secretary within 7 days. Should this occur, an administrative charge of £10 per form will be levied on the school concerned. The schools' ESFA Affiliation will be suspended if this money is not paid within a further 7 days.

11. In Inter-School Finals, the HOME team must produce a programme, to be available at the match.

No result will be accepted after 6pm on the limit date, unless an extension has previously been agreed, when the limit for results will be 6pm on that date. Note: THIS ONLY APPLIES TO SCHOOLS AND NOT ASSOCIATIONS
The winning team
must telephone the result, straight after the match, to Steve Lloyd on 07572868454